Monday, May 24, 2010

My Obsession

Sewing is my thing. I'm in love with it. And yet I procrastinate all the time, to almost ungodly lengths, from working on my latest project. But that's not the point of this post... I'm going to show you guys my babies, my two machines: a vintage Singer Genie (from mid-60's) and a modern Singer Pro Finish Serger. And all of the other sewing things that go with them, that populate my room and that are just beautiful to look at. (To me, anyway....)

It's so sixties, that's why I had to have it. It needed to be repaired recently; the repairman asked, "You know there are better models available... right?" Of course I do. But I like this one.

It does all of the things I need, after all...

Now on to my serger.


It took me so long to figure out how to work this guy.

I keep seam binding and thread in that Tom's bag hanging behind the serger. Also, isn't the thread a delicious color?

Some of the crazy-complex mechanisms inside, covered in dust from the last thing I serged. I clean it out with a blush brush to keep it nice...
I also collect vintage sewing books. I have them from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 90's.. (now to get one from the 80's, and maybe even a modern one?!)

A fishbowl full of thread. I never use most of this thread... it's for the effect.

And a sewing box, also from the 60's. A gift from my little sister. It's faded in some spots, but that's to be expected... It fits so perfectly with my sewing machine though. I haven't actually moved all of my sewing machine supplies into it yet, so for now it's just hanging out.

And a cute vintage pin cushion (I have no way of knowing how old this is, since they still make ones just like this. You can get them in almost any big-city China town. This one is quite obviously old, though.

That's all for today. Now I have to stop procrastinating and start sewing... well, I would, if I weren't leaving for the Grand Canyon tomorrow. Always an excuse, right?

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