Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm steadily falling back into the rhythm of school: waking up early, packing a delicious (by my standards) lunch, the steady flow of homework which is indeed rolling back in. Today was basically average. I'm going to a seminar tonight for a college I'm thinking of attending, to fill out some scholarship apps and my early admission. But it's so odd to think about going to college. I'm excited, but honestly all this planning and preparation and worrying about my future just feels like an extra-elongated homework assignment that I really wish I could turn in.

So right now I'm working on a couple of college essays, and they both relate in some way to the fact that I love sewing. Honestly, I don't have alot of stuff to impress colleges with, other than the fact that I sew. I have a 31 on the ACT (I'm taking it again, though; that was just my first time) and my GPA's great, but there are tons of people with way better grades than me, and more AP classes to boot. So I'm hoping I can write some really great essays, and those will be what set me apart. I just want to convey that I really, truly care about creating things; I would work hard at whatever college I go to, and I know I could excel because I'm in love with what I want to do for a living.

Anyways, this is what I wore today. And I know these pictures look sunny, but for the first half of the day the weather was miserable and drizzly so the raincoat was definately necessary.

(Shoes, Belt, Necklace: Thrifted, Skirt: Thrifted, altered by me, Shirt, Raincoat: Rodarte for Target, Tank: Old Navy)

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