Monday, June 14, 2010


So, it really is done now. I just submitted it and everything.
At the last minute, things started going wrong.

The zipper broke. Well, not entirely, but now it will only zip up about half of the time. Also, although I had worked so hard to make it look invisible, it... is the opposite. My thoughts as I was unable to zip it up past halfway where, "Oh god, I just need to wear it long enough to take these pictures."

I know I need to replace the zipper before homecoming, if nothing else but for my sanity the next time I try and put it on, but right now I'm so burnt out on this dress that I don't know if that will ever get done. I'm just glad to be finished.

I know I'm only focusing on the flaws. There are alot of positive things here. For one thing, it's done, and zipper aside, it's the best one I've made yet. The first two muslins cannot compare to this one. Another plus: the belt turned out quite well.

Will I win the contest? Probably not. If I make the top 20, I will be absolutely ecstatic. I think what will give me an edge is the styling of this dress; I am just holding on tightly to the fact that not many are creating a vintage-style dress from such interesting fabric. No matter what happens, I strove for perfection, missed the mark but did my best. Sounds cheesy, but I really did learn alot from making this dress.

So that's all for today. I may cut out a new muslin to work on; maybe I'll take a temporary sewing break. Hard to say... Anyway, enjoy, anybody who may have found this blog.

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