Monday, June 28, 2010

Little Bit of Free Time

Got a job at Sonic, and they have scheduled me for about 30 hours a week- basically, too much. I'm carhopping, though, which actually makes good money because of the tips.  Never mind the fact that my pocket full of $1s makes me look kinda like a stripper at the end of the day... The hairstyle I've got going here is the perfect working hair because it's all out of my face, but it looks cute and keeps my hair neat. Customers keep complimenting me, and then they tip me! Hey, just sayin', it pays to look put-together. I learned how to do it from this tutorial, on the awesome Blog for Better Sewing.
So anyway, this is me a couple of hours before work. The romper, sunglasses and shoes are all from Wal-mart- craziness, right? I don't know. I love all of it. The cardigan's Target, and the purse is vintage. Cheap clothes are appealing to me lately, but at the moment I'm saving up for a big purchase: a pair of floral Doc Martins. I need winter boots, and to be honest, I can't think of a pair better suited for me than those shoes. Now that I'm a working girl, I'd like to think I can justify buying them- right? View here.

I like how you can see all the haphazard bobby pins hangin' out up there in this pic.
I love this purse, but am in constant fear that the strap will break. That happened with the last beaded, vintage purse I loved...  I try and treat it with caution, but it goes with everything so it definately gets alot of use.

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