Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Street Style

I want to start off by saying, we are currenly experiencing weather in the 90's-100's, with at LEAST 50% humidity every day. So, any climate that can currently wear layers.. well, I'm experiencing extreme envy. Fall/ winter is MY SEASON, guys. It's when dressing gets really fun again.
I am in such admiration of these girls. I feel like I'm slowly finding my own style, and it's ultra-feminine. I love florals, full skirts, layers.. These pictures just make me wish the weather would drop out of the 90's.

Fabulous winter coats.... Summer clothes all layered up underneath. Perfection.
And finally, LOVE this jumper, but I feel for the girl because what if she has to use the bathroom....? It'll take her at least 10 minutes to get out of all of that!
Anyway, that's all for today. Going to the Eclipse premier tonight... No outfit post at the moment since I'm in a robe and my old AP Lang shirt.
(Images from Hel Looks)

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  1. Love the orange look! Also looking for ways to dress up my winter coat.