Thursday, July 1, 2010

In Praise of Vibrams

(Me and my Dad, the Narrows at Zion National Park)

So, these are pretty much the best shoes I've ever owned. Well, not even pretty much. They ARE the best. They cost almost $100, depending on the style, but that ended up being completely reasonable. These guys are so comfortable, and they're healthy for you. They exsercise your toes, and also whole new mucles you didn't even realize you had in your calves. I go jogging in them, and it's great. My legs hurt for DAYS, guys. I mean, in a good way.

(The Virgin River, Zion National Park)

The best part is that you can't even feel that you're wearing them, once you get over the initial awkward feeling of jamming each individual toe into its tiny respective slot. It feels like you forgot shoes, and you've just been running around barefoot- the way we originally did. Sounds cheesy, but it's a great feeling. You can feel the textures of the ground beneath you- when you're walking on grass, versus tile, versus carpet, pebbles, or pavement. You can feel the cracks in tiles through these guys.

(My feet at an outdoor concert)

Basically, I love taking pics of my feet in them. They're awesome. I hiked the Grand Canyon and Zion national park in them, and it was way better than any tennis shoe or hiking boot I could have worn. They're grippy yet lightweight, and they offer protection without taking away the feeling of the terrain.

(Same concert, now henna'd up)

I know they're far from fashionable, and to be honest, I don't wear them out much when I'm not excercising. But they have a special place in my heart, and when I'm going on an adventure, they're what I immediately slip on. With a little bit of toe effort, of course.

(Note: About Eclipse: I hate to admit, but I really enjoyed the movie, although the farther the films go the more I hate Edward. Really, girls, why DO you like him? He's clingy, overprotective, jealous, obsessive.... His face leaves alot to be desired too. And it really seemed like everyone in this movie was determined to be, well, pissy. I just want Bella to legitimately smile, even once, and look like she means it. Too much to ask? Maybe. Anyways, liked the movie but mostly liked Charlie. And the Harry Potter trailer.)

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