Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back from Camp, New Project

Just got home from summer camp yesterday, and I'm TIRED. Of course I have to work today, though, which kinda sucks but at least I'm making alot of money from my ultra-tiring job. Anyways, camp was awesome, but no real pics to show from it- I brought my camera, but I ended up being too occupied with having fun to remember to take pics. It's a shame, because the camp is beautiful. Sitting on a huge lake, surrounded by thick woods, we're talking picturesque stuff. It rained alot while we were there, but luckily it was always sunny during our four hours of free time a day, when we swam in the lake, played on the Blob (huge lake inflatables), went tubing, climbed on ropes courses, and explored a cave. So... yeah. What did I accomplish when I wasn't being outdoorsy? I started a new scarf.

This pic is with flash- it's not this bright, and in real life it's not shiny. This yarn is super non-fancy, it's like acrylic and some other synthetic, because my, umm, teenage budget didn't allow for wool? Okay, that's a lie, I had just spent my money on other things. Anyway. I almost feel guilty working on a knitted project for myself, because I have a literal waiting list of people who want one. It's crazy. But I really wanted to make this, so that's okay.. .right?

This photo's kinda blurry, but more true to the color.

Detail shot!

The scarf will be in stripes in these colors. They won't be small stripes; I will keep knitting in each color until I run out of that yarn, then switch to a new color. Big, fat, chunky blocks of color. That's the plan. Oh, and also, if you want this scarf pattern, it can be found here.

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