Thursday, July 15, 2010

Love Letter to Marc

I don't look at alot of fashion shows; I used to cruise alot more religiously, but I feel like I can get alot more inspiration from fashion bloggers and magazines than straight from the runway. However, Marc by Marc Jacobs has always been an exception. He never fails to inspire me, and make me want to spend ridiculous amounts on his clothes (Can I rationalize it, now that I have a job?!? Questions, questions...)
And I'm looking at these pictures and being reminded of exactly why I love him so much...

I love how he mixes prints, and this (along with alot of other looks) makes me want a crazy patterned sweater for winter. Right now I can't even think about wearing layers, but when the temperature starts to drop, I'll definately be going thrifting.

This look really stood out to me because the design looks alot like the skirt pattern I'm making. The fabric I'm making it out of is very different, but no less crazy; maybe I'll wear it with a button down like this?

I know, I know, I'm not  boy. But I would wear this in a heartbeat, on one of those days which sometimes happen when I'm not feeling girly at all. Or, maybe I could just get a new boyfriend and coerce him into dressing like this? Hmm. I think if I could just get hold of that cardigan, I'd be pretty happy.

This one's from his Fall/Winter show; see why I need a big thrifted sweater? This seems like such an easy and accesible winter outfit for me. You know, on those lazy days when concocting something super interesting seems out of the question, just throw on a big sweater and go...

Oh Marc, you never fail to impress me with your awesome prints and basic amazingness.
Love, Christine

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