Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Humidity and an Epic Pattern

It's so humid today that when I stepped out of the house into the outdoors, my glasses and camera lense fogged up. So, please forgive the wierd quality of these photos.

(Shirt; F21, Tank, Shorts, Shoes; Target, Purse; Vintage, Sunglasses; Urban Outfitters)

Detail shot of the purse; another super pretty, old beaded purse I love. This one seems more fragile to me, because I broke the strap to another one just like without even being rough. So I don't use it alot, but it's gorgeous. Also, literally half of all the things I'm wearing here are from Target. I love Target clothes to a (probably) odd extent. But hey, whatever.

Yesterday I was sick, so I stayed home from work and basically laid on my couch and watched Desperate Houswives and knitted. I rarely ever watch tv, normally just movies, but I watched about 7 hours of it yesterday. Today, I'm feeling mostly better; I'm starting to cut out the pieces to my skirt  muslin, and later I'm gonna go hang out with some friends. No work for two whole days; I feel rich!

Anyway, I was browsing Etsy this morning with my coffee and came upon the best pattern ever:

Doesn't this pattern just scream, "Make me in a vintage floral, Christine, like the kind your great Grandma just gave you, and I will become an awesome Katy Perry-esque top you will love and treasure and wear out on crazy adventures?" I thought so too. Can't wait till it gets here! I'm gonna make it in view 3 (the blue polka dotted one). So excited, but must finish the epic skirt first. I want to wear the skirt so badly, but yet have no motivation to make it. Is that odd?

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