Saturday, July 3, 2010

Generous Gifts

Today we went to see alot of my family in a town I'll refer to as Middle of Nowhereland, Oklahoma. We went to my great grandma's house. She's lived in this small town all of her life, worked at the school there, had kids there, and she was also an avid seamstress the whole time. She's made literally hundreds of quilts in her life; everyone in town has at least one, I kid you not. She's older now, 94, and she can't do things like that anymore. She is finishing up what she plans to be her last quilt. So she asked me if I wanted any of her fabric... She told me I could have whatever I wanted, although most of it was in very small scraps. Everything shown below was in large enough pieces to make at LEAST one garment, although some of the pieces have at least 3 yards. I'm so grateful right now.

This is actually super shiny in real life... Don't know what I could possibly use it for, but it's pretty awesome.

This is a very small piece, but I loved it and its vintage-y look.

This is the first piece I plan on using; I'm gonna make it into a high-waisted skirt with a tie belt and pockets. Perfect with a plain white V-neck, right? It's also a bit shiny.

I envision this sweet old floral as a soft button down with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of old jeans. Just like a Gap ad.

This big, beautiful floral reminds me of the Golden Girls. right?

May make this one into a skirt for my little sis, she LOVES it and the colors look great with her skin tone.

This lace was the smallest piece, I will probably use it for more crafty things instead of garment making. But, no plans yet, it was just too pretty to leave behind.

Maybe my favorite. I believe this piece is from the 50's, and I'm in love with the print- birds and baskets? Cool!

Honestly, I have 3 yards of this crazily awesome and doubt it can be made into clothing. At least, clothing appropriate for me to wear. However, I took it for purely sentimental reasons. A quilt my great grandma made me has this same fabric in it, and I remember a long time ago when I was at her house she gave me a scrap of this, and I made it into a little dress for a clothespin doll. I thought it was so beautiful then, and I still like it....

I have alot of projects ahead of me now. It's a good thing I love prints. I need to learn how to mix them better in my outfits, or else I'll run out of things to wear....

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  1. the cat in the last one looks like one of warhol's. did he ever do a fabric print I wonder? It's worth researching. super lovely fabric either way.
    they are all pretty great!