Sunday, August 8, 2010

I've Been Away a Long Time

So yeah, not that this blog really has any readers, but I've been away for a while... I'd say some really good excuse, like I have band practice 8 hours a day (which is true, but not THAT good of an excuse), but the reality is, I've just been lazy. I'd like to show some progress on the skirt or the scarf I'm making, but of course, there's none of that either. So, let's just say, which my busy schedule I haven't been wearing any cute clothes.

(Shirt; Abercrombie and Fitch, Dress; American Rag, Shoes; Old Navy)

..But I wore real clothes today! As in, clothes that I felt like MYSELF in. As in, florals. Lots of 'em. Found this dress at Macy's the other day, which was wierd, because I had this idea in my head that I hated Macy's clothes. But, apparently, I only hate 95% of Macy's clothes. (I'm looking at you, nasty cheap jeggings.) I'm not gonna lie, this outfit was shapeless. But it was comfy, and I sometimes just like to wear everyhing nice and flowy. So there you go; maybe in a few more weeks I'll have another interesting outfit to speak of.

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