Sunday, August 29, 2010

Girlin' it Up before I put on some pants.

(Thrifted Jacket, shoes, and belt; Rodarte for Target dress, F21 lace top)
Was feeling super girly today, and like wearing something with volume. For once, though, I reined the volume in with a belt. I really have no waist to speak of anyway, but if I DID, you would have been able to see it today! Am feeling sleep deprived and swamped with homework, which I must naturally procrastinate on. My rationale is that, since I so rarely post anything on here (hello? anyone out there?) surely it must be kind of important to do it occasionally, instead of AP Lit homework? Hmm. Stayed up too late last night; I went and saw the re-released Avatar in 3D, got snowcones, and came home and talked to a boy for way too long. Which is normally the story of why I don't get sleep...
About to fall over? Or an artistically thought-out pose? Haha, just kidding, I can't think up poses to save my life.
Also, this week, I've decided I'll only wear pants. Monday through Friday, that is. I have alot of pants which I totally neglect, and some of them are actually pretty cool. The problem is, I have this idea in my brain that outfits with pants are just boring. So, trying to correct this notion by actually TRYING them instead of sticking with my standby dresses. So, hopefully I remember to take pics... Starting tomorrow with some harem-style sweatpants, later in the week busting out some jodhpurs (is it even socially acceptable to wear them any more? huh.).
I know this is super-blurry, but it's really true to the color of the clothes and you can kinda see the texture of the fabrics.
Also.. the skirt is progressing! I have been squeezing in an hour here, and hour there to work on it. I am taking my senior pictures this Friday, and since I plan to wear it as one of my outfits, it will at least be done by then. Wish me luck!

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