Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Jeans that will (Hopefully) make me love Jeans Again

Okay, so here's a confession. I am not a fan of jeans, like, at ALL. Before two days ago, I owned one pair, just out of the necessity of it: I mean, they do have their uses. But I never wear them just because, well, I want to. But I was determined to find a pair that I could love, and cherish, and have adventures in, and basicallly enjoy wearing. It just seems like something everyone should have, you know? So I ventured to Gap, because I read that they made really good jeans. And... Nylon magazine was correct. I walked away with two pairs: the ones shown here, which are cropped with cute lil buttons, and another pair in the same wash that are regular length. And, guys, this may be it. This MAY be jean love.

(Shirt: Rodarte for Target, Jeans: Gap, Belt: Thrifted, Shoes: Target)

Another big purchase: my school backpack! I was planning this whole summer not to buy a backpack, but a tote; I wanted to have something smaller and cuter to carry around senior year. The problem was, I couldn't find ANTHING I liked. I also remembered that I could end up with alot of shoulder pain from the uneven weight distribution of a heavy tote- and all these cons led me to realize what I really needed was simply a non-ugly backpack. I found this baby on the Urban Outfitters site and it was love at first click. It's my first big purchase since I got a job, and I love it. It has tons of pockets and it's made out of great, durable fabric.
School starts in two days, and I am absolutely prepared.

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