Monday, August 16, 2010

School's gonna kick my butt.

(Rodart for Target dress, Target heels, thrifted belt, Charlotte Russe cardigan)

School has officially begun, and I can see the homework load in my immdiate future, picking up speed and rushing towards me... Man oh man. But I really shoudn't complain, since I'm the one that decided to take AP classes and all.
(Target dress, Thrifted top)

So, do you ever have those moments when you see a person, and immediately get this unfounded crush that only last for a few seconds... cause you know you'll never see them again? It happened today when I saw this tall, kinda hippie-ish guy with pretty curly blonde hair, walking to his next class in his v-neck and tom's, working a Rubix cube in utter concentration. All of my nerd senses were tingling; I was just a little bit in love. This isn't the first time this has happened, like last year when I spotted a tall brunette boy in a double-breasted pea coat, carrying nothing but a copy of Fight Club. Oh, the boys that make my heart flutter....

Lately I have no desire to wear anything fitted. If I wear something remotely tight, I must cover it up with something bulky, like this denim(ish) shirt I got at Salvation Army a few days ago. Ultimately comfy, and I'd like to think it looked less shapeless in person, but I'm probably kidding myself. Either way, I was a happy camper today, even if my outfit made me look like Rectangle Girl.

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